Introducing a Sibling
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Introducing a Sibling, Professional Consulting:


This is a recorded online webinar for groups and organizations,.

 Introducing a Sibling


Presenter: Dr. Jill Diana Chasse
Title: Introducing a Sibling

The birth of a baby marks the beginning of a lasting bond with its parents, but this transition also feels exciting and overwhelming to older siblings. Dr. Jill Diana Chasse, an author and health consultant, wants to give them the tools they need to prepare for the arrival of one of the most important people in their lives: their little brother or sister.

Chasse, who specializes in maternal/perinatal mental health and wellness, will present "Introducing a Sibling,"

This workshop will teach siblings about the baby growing inside Mom and the best ways to bond with him or her. Up-and-coming big brothers and big sisters will get a glimpse into the birth experience, as well as life with a newborn. Finally, Dr Chasse will share all the wonderful facets of being a big brother or big sister.

Chasse, the founder of Baby-Empowered Birthing Education (BEBE) and the founder/director of Magic of Motherhood Wellness Consulting and Publishing Services, owns a consulting/counseling practice and imparts her knowledge through classes and workshops on childbirth education, early parenting, grief and bereavement, perinatal mood issues, and sibling adjustment.

She also speaks from experience as a nature-loving mom of an outgoing 3-year-old girl and an active 6 year-old boy. Teaching, writing, and managing programs are among her pursuits, as well as cuddling with her children, splashing with them at the beach, climbing trees, and picking berries.


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Dr. Jill Diana Chasse is an author, mommy, perinatal psychologist and maternal/child public health practitioner/ doctor of public health intern (DrPH candidate). She has been working with the mother-baby dyad in birth and psychology for over 20 years. She is the founder of Baby-Empowered Birthing Education (BEBE) and Magic of Motherhood.  Jill Chasse was certified in 1996 for counseling and hypnosis for childbirth by IACT (International Association for Counselors and Therapists.)

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Dr. Chasse is well educated and experienced in maternal/child mental health and wellness, with a BS in Human Behavior, an MPA with a concentration in public health, an MS in Psychology with a concentration in developmental/perinatal psychology and a PhD in Health Administration, with a concentration in Maternal/Child Health.

Through BIRTHPOWER, she provides guided meditation and relaxation recodings, webinars, online classes and workshops, books and products.

Additionally, Dr. Chasse has received training and a certificate as a Birth Assistant, trained as a birth doula with CAPPA, and has studied midwifery at both Ancient Arts Midwifery Institute and Institute of Holistic Midwifery, and holds numerous certificates and certifications in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, breastfeeding, hypnotherapy, and perinatal epidemiology. .

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She has served as  co-chair of the Communications and Development Committee for the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health and was on the Board of Directors of Season's of Life Women's and Birth Center. She is currently on the Board of Birth Options Alliance, a support and education group for families in the national capital area and is an APPPAH Mentor.

Book Review

-Eleni Karatabani, Athens, Greece

February 2012

"I am not quite sure how I could write a decent summary on this amazing book. It is the first time that I finish a book and I go back to the introduction and, before I know it I find myself reading it all over again… It is like our children, our pregnancies, labors, birth experiences; all different and magnificently unique. The chapters are so wisely divided and somehow all united. The author, Jill Diana Chasse, gives her love and wisdom...more

Course Review

Dr. Fermina Liza Román, Puerto Rico

“As a psychologist, BEBE certification has changed my perspective regarding birthing. I’m more aware now; I’m more focused about the role and needs of the baby and how important is to create the perfect harmony between mommy and child from the very beginning.” ~Dr. Fermina Liza Román, Puerto Rico


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