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Product name Invictus Necklace
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Invictus means, “Unconquerable” or “Undefeated.”
Great for VBAC moms, Woman Warriors and Birthworkers!

This reversible pendent, says “BirthPower,” on the opposite side.
The “Flower of Life (or the BirthPower symbol) is part of an awareness campaign and a social movement to improve the way that human beings are brought into this world.

With the BirthPower symbol, we honor mothers, mentors, friends, and even those who have made a difference in our lives. We give gifts with this symbol on it as a sign of love, recognition and/or appreciation.

This symbol also serves as a conversation starter to bring awareness about how pregnancy, birth and the first two years of life are critical in shaping lifelong physical and emotional health of human beings.

Our “Flower of Life, “jewelry collection is handcrafted by a U.S. artist.

The technique of sealing artwork behind glass without damaging the artwork with the heat takes much skill.  Our artist has created her own special technique* which takes days to complete.

The “Flower of Life” artwork which is central to each piece is designed from an original watercolor painting created by BirthPower founder, Barbara Rivera.

Because our pendent is handmade, each piece is unique. All of the necklaces are sealed and water resistant and may be hand cleaned.

*The final sealing of the artwork is done with resin. Resin odor will subside completely within a few days.

Seller BirthPower
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Awareness Campaign!

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