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 Own your childbirth experience!    

This course will change the way you think about birth - and more importantly - yourSelf.

This course is an excellent introduction to childbirth for a first-time mama.  It's also a great course to take if you are already a mama, but have some lingering regrets or sadness about your prior birth experience.  


The Birth Empowerment Course focuses on releasing unhelpful emotions that aren't serving you well in your current circumstances.

The Birth Empowerment Course is different than a typical childbirth course, because the focus is not just on coping with pain or getting through labor. 

  • Instead, it's about learning how your emotions, thoughts & other influences can affect your labor and birth experience. 
  • It's about learning what's possible to control versus what's not - and how to take charge.
  • It's about honoring yourSelf and your baby-to-be, and celebrating the change of life that is imminent.  

The Birth Empowerment Course is not about natural birth, or the "correct" way to give birth...  It's about freedom & knowledge.

In the Birth Empowerment Course, you will learn about the profound effect your thoughts and feelings have, about the power of choice versus "have to", and much more.

There's seven sessions in the Course, and these each contain a variety of audio, video, and text materials:

What is Birth Empowerment?  Choices, Beliefs, & Change:

  • Getting clear on what we believe & feel
  • Fear & expectations as they relate to pain
  • Risk management, choices, & responsibility

Knowledge is Power:  How the past shapes the present:

  • Myths & truths of "natural birth"
  • The narrowing definition of normal
  • Interventions, benefits, & alternatives

Celebrating Pregnancy:  Learning to mother ourSelves:

  • Why you need support - and how to get it!
  • Clearing emotional baggage
  • Dealing with social pressure from others

Rethinking Responsibility & Freedom:  "You don't have to"

  • Choice versus force
  • Planning & flexibility
  • Communicating clearly through art

Late Pregnancy Survival Guide

  • Dealing with worries & what-ifs
  • Planning support for your labor
  • What to do if you're "overdue"!
  • Comfort & self-care in the final weeks

Labor, Birth, & Postpartum Healing

  • What to expect, postpartum
  • Benefits of the placenta
  • Integrating your new identity as a mother

Ohh, Baby!  A Holistic + Reverent Perspective on the Newborn

  • Birth is not a separation - the crucial first hours
  • The truth about breastfeeding 
  • Connecting with your baby
  • Controversial decisions, discussed!

What will you learn in the 
Birth Empowerment Home Study Course?

In this course, you'll learn multiple tools and techniques that you can use in the moment-to-moment to relieve painrelease fears and worries, and free yourself from feeling powerless in any given situation.  

The skills you'll learn in this course will be transformational -- 
far beyond pregnancy.

The concept of birth empowerment approaches childbirth from a different angle than traditional classes, and so this makes my course beneficial and enlightening for the first-time mother or the mother of many.  

Perhaps you just have a lingering inner knowing that birth can be so much more...

Regardless of your current situation or prior birth experiences, expectant mamas will find this course to be an excellent, thorough preparation for their upcoming birth.


Within these sessions, we'll explore a diverse array of topics, including

  • Embracing the power of choices and how we can tap into that, no matter our situation
  • Why women expect to feel pain during labor, and how to shift that expectation
  • Knowing and preserving your rights in a medical birth setting
  • Techniques for raising your vibration and staying calm and peaceful
  • How to stay centered in the face of other people's opinions  about your birth
  • Our culture's attitude about birth - and why it matters
  • Discussion and exploration of a wide variety of self-therapy methods 
  • Connecting with your baby before he or she is born
  • Defining what a "normal" birth experience means
  • Planning for a comfortable and relaxing postpartum experience


Holistic healing & therapy - Demystified!

We'll also learn how easy it is to use these helpful and dynamic tools to your benefit: 

  • Guided meditations
  • Visualization techniques
  • Affirmations 
  • Art therapy and analysis
  • Proper body positioning
  • Aromatherapy and herbs for healing and comfort
  • Labyrinth work
  • Energetic/vibrational medicine techniques

Fourteen eBooks, 5 hours of video content,
2 hours of audio + printable extras!

All compatible with your mobile device of choice...

This course includes fourteen full-length, information-packed ebooks in both .pdf and browser-compatible versions for online or downloadable access.  

It also includes exclusive access to videos and audios containing even more empowering information and techniques to help you enjoy your pregnancy and birth experience:  

Guided meditations, affirmation sessions, recipes and suggestions, relaxation techniques, guided meditation sessions, healing and mindfulness practices, and so much more! 


Here's a summary of what you'll get in The Birth Empowerment Course:

  • -  Seven original, full color illustrated eBooks covering all aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and the newborn period totaling over 200 pages
  • Seven ebook collections of recommended internet links to articles, blogs, resources and more
  • Over 7 hours of exclusive video & audio discussions and follow-alongs
  •  A variety of healing and relaxation techniques
  • -  Exclusive scripts, meditations, affirmations + the tools to create your own personal versions
  • - Access to every file in my course in both online and mobile-compatible versions, so you can watch the course videos on your smartphone, read the ebooks on your Kindle, and listen to guided meditation sessions in iTunes.
  • - An introduction to art therapy and interpretation, as seen on my Pinterest board.  You can even submit your own works for discussion and sharing!
  • - Bonus materials such as printable worksheets & new guided meditation sessions
  • -  Exclusive artwork prints, audio files, recipes and techniques, tips, and more

You won't find a childbirth course that's got as much information, creativity, or diversity of techniques anywhere else, and never this affordable.

Are you ready to experience the new paradigm of childbirth? 

Enroll today.

+ Please note that this is a digital, online course, and your login & access details will be emailed to you!

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Birthing in Conscious Choice offers products, services, and resources for a pregnancy & birth experience that is uniquely free, empowering, holistic & spiritually connected.  

Krystal Trammell is a mother of five, a doula, writer, artist, and birth empowerment facilitator.  She's the author of Empowered Childbirth, creator of The Birth Empowerment Course, a professional henna artist, and an unapologetic freethinker.  You can connect with Krystal via Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or learn more about her and her passion for childbirth, children, mothering & more at

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