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Debi Tracy

Debi Tracy, CMP, CH, RYT

Dr. Jill Diana Chasse

Dr. Jill Diana Chasse is an author, mommy, perinatal psychologist and maternal/child public health practitioner/ doctor of public health intern (DrPH candidate). She has been working with the mother-baby dyad in birth and psychology for over 20 years. She is

Elizabeth Carman

Elizabeth Carman, pre-birth researcher and author of Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth, has pursued a life-long interest in how to unfold one's full potential. The initial sparks for Cosmic Cradle were interviews with women who had blissful pregnancies, including giving birth with less pain or in a state of ecstasy. Due to an interest in self- actualization, Elizabeth

Gloria Camacho

This You Tube series follows a Midwife (Joni McCann) & Home Birth Veteran / Advocate (Andrea Casas) out of Homestead, Florida.  

WHAT IS IT ABOUT: As a team (3 years and 3 of Andrea's home births later) Joni & Andrea have not only shared some of life's most precious moments together but will now be working side by side,

Kim Martinez

Kim Martinez, LCCE, CD(DONA) is a childbirth educator offering a six week series of classes in Bayonne, NJ based on the Lamaze six healthy birth practices.


Kinyofu Mlimwengu

As a Women’s Empowerment Specialist, Kinyofu not only trains women on wholistic birth and parenting issues, but also on life and health issues. Hundreds of families have been touched by her passionate support of their birth and beyond experiences. Kinyofu designs a variety of group experiences that promotes wholistic living through enlightened creation and conscious choices. Her presentat

Krystal Trammell

Birthing in Conscious Choice offers products, services, and resources for a pregnancy & birth experience that is uniquely free, empowering, holistic & spiritually connected.  

Krystal Trammell is a mother of five, a doula, writer, artist, and birth empowerment facilitator.  She's the author of Emp

Laura Koniver, MD


“Intuitive information combined with medical knowledge is more powerful than either standing alone.”

Running your current health challenges through both medical knowledge and heart open intuition, we can place your

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